Christian Life, Sacred Meditations And True Charity

Christian Life Sacred Meditations True Charity.
Meditationes Sacrae, Sacred Meditations was first published in Latin in 1606. It consists of meditations on various aspects of the Christian life. And The Benefits of True Repentance, The Fruit of our Lord’s Passion and Spiritual Marriage of Soul with Christ.

It is not often that we hear of the truth described in this way but consider how precious and essential a foundation the truth is for our lives. One of the dangers, when it comes to commandments is that we see them merely as prohibitions. So for example here, we might think, “OK, I’m not supposed to lie.” Well, yes, but the Commandment is more than that! It is an exhortation for us to love the truth, live the truth, and proclaim the truth. Let’s look at some of the implications and distinctions regarding this Commandment.

Sacred Meditations In The Name of Jesus The Benefits of True Repentance. An Exercise of Faith from the Love of Christ in the Agony of Death. Consolation for the Penitent Soul from the Passion of Christ, The Certainty of Our Salvation and Satisfaction for our Sins and True Faith and Prayer

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