Dharma Talk 🙏 Asubha ❤ Contemplation On The Loathsomeness

Contemplation on the loathsomeness of a corpse (Asubha Kammathana).
In the Teachings of the Buddha, throughout the ages, meditators keep up the practice of the Four Guardian Meditations to protect themselves from internal and external dangers. Nowadays meditators keep up this tradition.

The Buddha emphasized these basic points on many different occasions because it is essential that we have a correct understanding of the conditions of our lives if we are to know how to apply the rest of the Buddha’s teachings. Buddhism is a religion of mental clarity. Its practices are based on reason. The central purpose of all Buddhist practice is the attainment of wisdom, or understanding.

Buddhism does not disapprove of wholesome love between a man and a woman but it does disapprove of love that is unhealthy and unsound. It is unfortunate when love becomes heartbreak and some who once loved will now assault or even kill others in the name of love. These wrongdoings are created by the mind.

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