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The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is a book of thoughts the emperor wrote to himself, reminders on how to behave and what to expect in life. It is unknown if Marcus Aurelius ever intended the writings to be published, and the book has no official title, so “Meditations” is one of several titles commonly assigned to his collection of writings.

Marcus Aurelius wrote 12 books of the Meditations, as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement. It is believed that large portions of the work were written at Sirmium, where he spent much time planning military campaigns from 170 to 180. Some of it was written while he was positioned at Aquincum on campaign in Pannonia.

These writings take the form of quotations varying in length from one sentence to long paragraphs. He explicates the Stoicism philosophy, stoic lessons and stoic teachings, that the only way a man can be harmed by others is to allow his reaction to overpower him. He shows no particular religious faith in his writings, but seems to believe that some sort of logical, benevolent force organizes the universe in such a way that even “bad” occurrences happen for the good of the whole.

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