Meditation On Philosophy Of The Things Of Which We May Doubt

Meditation: Of the Things of which We may Doubt.
The Meditations on First Philosophy are a central work of early modern philosophy, and play a crucial role in the conceptual development of basic perspectives and problems in the Western tradition, including substance dualism, external world skepticism, and the modern notion of the subject.

Descartes is searching for something certain, something that cannot be doubted.  In order to find this kind of certainty, he sets out to doubt everything he can.  It is not that he believes that everything he now doubts will subsequently turn out to be false, but rather this is the technique he employs to find something that is truly “indubitable.”  

This technique of doubting everything possible in order to search for certainty is known as his “Method of Doubt.”  It consists in “withholding belief” from everything that even might be false.

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